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Name:Strange Brew
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Severus Snape/Luna Lovegood shipping community
Rules as of now are extremely simple. Snape/Luna Love.

-If you love this pairing, you may post it here. Fan Fiction, Icons, Fan Art, Recs, Comm Recs, whatever. If it's not Snuna related, find somewhere else to post it.

-Please be mindful of squicks and ratings in Fics and Art.

-If your post is NC-17 and/or Not Safe For Work, clearly post the rating and put it behind a cut and RESTRICT ACCESS TO MEMBERS ONLY .

-NC-17 rated fics: If you are posting a chaptered fic that is rated for Adults only, put ALL CHAPTERS behind a cut. This includes the chapters that are free of mature content as well.

-Use the following when posting art or fics:

-This is a slash friendly community. If your fic/art has a slash or femme slash pairing, make sure Snuna is the main pairing or equally prominent.

-Be Kind! If you don't like it, no need to comment. Not too keen on wank here. If someone requests concrit, feel free to let loose. Otherwise, be supportive of your fellow Snuna folk.

-Maintained by [personal profile] f13tch3r

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